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My (other) Other Half

Last week was so awesome. My favorite person came to visit! We had SO much fun seeing lots of sights and goofing around. Highlights included listening to the best pandora playlist in the world called Hip Hop BBQ, dancing like fools, stuffing our faces at every place imaginable, and watching Gay clean out my fridge. 🙂 I forget how awesome it is to have her around until she’s here and then gone 😦 

Here’s some pics that I stole from her (which mostly consist of a lot of pics of us)ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage



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Spring has sprung here in Austin. The trees are budding and flowering, the weather is warm (except for today when the high was 43) :(, the birds are singing, and hey, it’s only February!! I realized that this year was only the second time in my life that I’d worn shorts on my birthday, the first time being in Costa Rica. My birthday was so awesome this year. Perfect weather, fun, friends, and FOOD! 



The above pics were all gifts I got from friends! The succulent from Erica, the puzzle from Kate, the sweets from Will, and the gift card from John! 



Other news highlights include Grant getting a job at Counter Culture! woohoo! Counter Culture is a cool vegan restaurant on the east side and we’re all excited for Grant to serve us food 🙂 

Also- Grant is graduating from his electricians course on Friday, and he gets to make a speech, as he’s the valedictorian! GO GRANT! I’ll try and tape it so ya’ll can see it 🙂 

Also x2: I went on a huge shopping spree at Buffalo Exchange thanks to Dad (and Mom) and I’m very excited about that.

Also x3: uuuhhh….I forgot what I was going to say. Goodbye! 



Another great weekend here in Austin. The weather was phenomenal (think 70’s and sunny) and we had visitors! Dale and Peggy took a respite from the New Jersey winter to come and visit us and reminisce about their good ol’ days spent in Texas.  We spent lots of time exploring and touring Austin’s greatest attractions including the Capital building, Mayfield Park, Mt. Bonnell, Barton Springs, the obligatory stop at Whole Foods flagship store, South Congress, Uncommon Objects and more. Of course eating was numero uno priority, and we hit up some great spots like Mothers, Kerby Lane, Casa de Luz, Bouldin Creek, Sagra, and Capital City Bakery….well- that was just me getting a cupcake actually, but it was all yummy! I’ve just decided (as of this morning whilst eating my leftovers) that Sagra has the best tasting food in Austin that I’ve tried, so far. The Margherita pizza is TO DIE FOR! 




I even found a real live cowboy moseying around the building. Very patriotic indeed. ImageImageImage


In other life news, I’m on the brink of obsession with Lorde’s album, Pure Heroine. It’s about to reach Kimbra status, and anyone who’s been in my car in the last 8 months knows what that means. Also, Grant has agreed to accompany me to the NCA cheerleading nationals taking place in Dallas on March 1st and 2nd!! #OMG #YOLO #LOLZ it’s going to be so awesome. I was inspired, after watching some cheering videos the other night, to try and do some jumps and splits. It actually wasn’t as bad as I thought. I didn’t fall flat on my face, although I’m certainly not as graceful as I used to be. I also couldn’t walk for the next two days, but hey, no pain no gain, right?



Oh- did I mention I learned how to crochet a granny square? Blanket-haters beware! I’ve got ideas. ImageImage

The best thing that happened to me today was that John said Ralph freaks over tomatoes, so I threw a cherry tomato across the floor, and he started galloping after it. He then proceeded to take 5 minutes to squish the juice all over the place and finally eat it. Pure gold. Filthy. cat. gold. 


Summertime Livin

Now that’s what I’m talking about, Texas! 70 degrees in January! We had such an awesome day yesterday beginning with a trip to Pedernales Falls State Park and ending with a great dinner with friends and a hilarious bout of Cards Against Humanity. We had just returned back home and I was sitting on the front porch soaking up the last warm rays of sunshine, and it was just so reminiscent of a sweet-scented, carefree, summer evening. That defines happiness for me.


What a life I lead in the summer
What a life I lead in the spring
What a life I lead when the wind, it breathes
What a life I lead in the spring

What a life I lead when the sun breaks free
As a giant torn from the clouds
What a life indeed when that ancient seed
Is a-buried, watered and plowed

                                              – Fleet Foxes



2014 has begun on an upward swing. The winds of change are a-blowin’! Grant begins his electricians course on Tuesday morning, and he’s going to be a big boy and ‘work’ from 7:30 AM-5PM cada dia! Imagine! 🙂 Money is a little  tight now, but we’re banking on the fact that him being a certified electrician will come in really handy when we buy/renovate then eventually build our house! So that’s exciting. John returned to the Texas homeland this afternoon and brought with him a new furry friend, Ralph. No pics yet, but just picture Samwise the Brave with a concerned look on his face. We’re excited to have a new kitty house-mate!!

Other fun happenings:

We attended the grand-opening of Capital City Bakery today. YUM!

I placed and picked up my first order at Rabbit Food Grocery today. (Thanks, Dad!) Got some mac n cheese, soy curls, and vodka sauce, among other goodies.

We (along with our friends Erica and Dani) journeyed to the top of Mt. Bonnell the other night for a meteor shower. We only saw 2, but it was fun!


It’s that time of year again when you have to take down all of the Christmas decorations. I decided, however, that I liked the ambient light of our christmas tree too much to get rid of it, so I just repurposed it. It’s great! Reduce, reuse, recycle! Ahoy!



Feliz (casi) Navidad!

Jason is here! We’ve had a fun week making lots of food and hanging out. I’ve been working a bunch, and unfortunately, Grant got super-duper sick all weekend, so has been laying really low. The boys left for Jersey, and Jason leaves tomorrow, so it’s just going to be me and Grant all by our lonesome tomorrow! 

Here are some shots from Enchanted Rock, last week’s installment of Wild Wednesday that I couldn’t attend 😦 



We had family Christmas dinner/gift exchange on Friday night before the boys flew out. I got a replacement succulent from John, and some bike lights from Will! Yay! Grant gave them both massage certificates, and I got them gift certificates to one of their favorite spots in Austin; Capital City Bakery for Will, and Austin Daily Press for John. Oh yeah, and I also got Will and gingerbread man with a Slayer shirt on 🙂 

ImageImageImagecrafting aftermath….ImageImage


So the most exciting news of the week? My blanket made it to Omaha! I sent it over 3 weeks ago, and was convinced that it was lost but it miraculously appeared two days ago. It’s a Christmas miracle!! Also, Jason and I have been binge watching Orange is the New Black, which is amazing. You should watch it, too. Merry Christmas everyone!!