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♪ ♫ ♩ III’mmm dreeaamming of a broowwnn Christmaaaasss ♪ ♫ ♩

Today I learned that some kids in my friend’s classroom in Jersey know about my blog because they once looked up “Turkbrovsky”.  Shout out!! 

So Christmas in the south is going to be totally weird. The only reason I’ve been able to get into the spirit at all is because it’s been damn cold out, which I associate with Christmastime/winter. However, my grass is still green, there are still leaves on the trees, hell, my roses are still in bloom! However, I was forced to go to the thrift store and buy a winter coat for 12 bucks today. Work mornings were getting a little chilly. I think it was 29 degrees when I went to work this morning. Eek! 

Also- Christmas trees are impossibly expensive here. At least at all of the places I looked. All I wanted was a 4 footer for 20 bucks or so, but all I could find is a 2 footer for 25 bucks or a normal big-sized tree for ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY DOLLARS!! Insane-o. SO I did what any thrifty girl would do. I went in my back yard, cut a branch off the bush, stuck it in a pot, and adorned it with lights and ornaments. Ta-da! Free Christmas tree! 




Otherwise, work is awesome. It’s so great to get out of the house! Yay! Everyone there is really cool, and I love it! Here’s some pics from the past week or so: 

Grant and I went to the craft fair a few days ago, and I think this sign pretty much sums up my adult life: 



This is what happens when your roommate intentionally barricades his door when he goes on vacation: 




This is a really neat cooperative work space that we clean called Vuka. So much cool artsy stuff in there. Makes me want to join up and work from “home”. Way nicer pics on this site: ( 




Got this email from the vet this morning. Apparently today is Dulci’s 9th birthday!! Who knew? 🙂





Impromptu drying rack when it’s freezing rain outside. 




In summary: I’m feeling happy! Now to find Grant a job….

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The Escape

All in all, not a bad week. Highlights include hanging with Erica and making homemade philly cheesesteak sammies and spending two sessions with little kittens learning how to do bottle baby feeding (I passed training, btw!) Basically, the cutest thing you could ever imagine. Some of them purr and just want to snuggle. I can’t take pics in there, but just imagine something like this: 

ImageWe’ve had a house full of sickies this week. (Except me!) Grant had a bad cold, then Will got a mega-cold/flu or something, now John has a bad cold. I win….so far. 

Dulcinea decided to make a dash for freedom last night, and succeeded. The screen door was accidentally left open for a minute or so, and then she was gone. We didn’t know she had gotten out until I looked out into the carport and there she was! Of course as soon as I opened the door to retrieve her, she ran under the front porch out of arms reach. I figured she’d be fine so I went back inside. Grant stayed out and tried to stalk her in the dark, but incidentally I opened to door at the wrong time, so she ran under the back porch. Much to our dismay, she wouldn’t come out, so we eventually had to go to bed, hoping that the big raccoon that visited us the other night wouldn’t come around for another midnight wander. I woke up at 8am this morning and I had this weird feeling like I was supposed to do something today but couldn’t remember what, then with a jolt of dread I suddenly remembered about Dulci. I jumped out of bed and went into the living room, looked out on the back porch, and lo and behold there she was just sitting calmly on the bench waiting to be let in. That little rapscallion. 


Hey kids, want some candy? Ok, well I won’t actually be wearing this freaky mask on all Hallows Eve to scare little children because I will be in MAINE! Yes, that’s right folks. A last minute family reunion of sorts will be taking place from Oct 30th-Nov 6th. I finally get to meet my little nephew! AND I only paid $250 for a round trip ticket!

Can you believe how cute this guys is!? I mean, seriously. It’s almost pointless for Grant and I to ever even have children, since I already know they’re not going to live up to that adorable face!


Ok, off to enjoy the nice fall weather (65 degrees!) and Saturday sun!