The Vegan ChewChoo

and its many eccentricities

Okay, okay!


I’ve been getting death threats from certain family members to update my blog or ELSE…..I argued that I don’t really have a whole heck of a lot to talk about, but that didn’t seem to quell them.

So let’s see…what’s new? Well, my back hurts, for one. It’s hurting right now as I’m lying in bed, nursing my burned fingertip from holding onto a thin candle jar while attempting to light it, and listening to the irritating hum of the ceiling fan. I’m thinking of getting out a heating pad, but it seems a little silly to lay on a heating pad while the fan is on because it’s hot in here. Hmm..

I guess I could tell you about the dance studio I joined, although most of you reading this are probably already privy to that information. I’ve been to three classes so far: BUTI yoga, ballet for beginners, and cheerobics. Yes, I said cheerobics. As in aerobics. And cheerleading. Yes, it’s as goofy as it sounds, and probably more so, owing to the fact that I definitely had pom poms in my hands for the first (and possibly last) time in my life. As silly as I felt, (and as conflicted, because this type of silly pom-pom razzling is what gives cheerleaders a bad name) it was still loads of fun and a great workout. If I can swallow my pom pom pride, I’ll probably do it again.

I have some book suggestions for you. Not all of you. Just the ones who like sci-fi and adventure novels. Dad, I guess that counts you out. 🙂

1. The sparrow. It’s amazing. Read it.

2. I’m chest deep in an amazing book series right now that has been receiving accolades for decades. Written by Dan Simmons- the books are called (in order) Hyperion, The Fall of Hyperion, Endymion (currently reading this) and The Rise of Endymion. Obviously, I can’t speak to the last book yet, but the others are super fantastic, interesting, and immersive.

TWO, read it, TWO pairs of friends got engaged this weekend. The first was my great friend, Kate, for whom Grant and I were lucky enough to be a part of the surprise. I’m too lazy and tired to go into it right now, but it involved us being in disguise and taking photos/jumping out afterwords. Here’s a pic:


Our other friends got engaged on Sunday, and we weren’t there, but it’s just the cutest darned thing.


Well, I just looked over the side of my bed and realized that my heating pad is sitting there, meaning I don’t even have to move to set it up, AND my phone just finished charging, so now I have a free outlet to plug it into. All signs point to green. Back relief, here I come!!


2 thoughts on “Okay, okay!

  1. TY. Dance sounds like fun!!!! And a busy weekend!¡!!

  2. Nice update. Just for the record I was not one who made a threat.

    Congrats to the newly engaged couples. I don’t think your undercover photography beats what happened at your engagement. Sorry. Maybe next time.

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