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Spring has sprung here in Austin. The trees are budding and flowering, the weather is warm (except for today when the high was 43) :(, the birds are singing, and hey, it’s only February!! I realized that this year was only the second time in my life that I’d worn shorts on my birthday, the first time being in Costa Rica. My birthday was so awesome this year. Perfect weather, fun, friends, and FOOD! 



The above pics were all gifts I got from friends! The succulent from Erica, the puzzle from Kate, the sweets from Will, and the gift card from John! 



Other news highlights include Grant getting a job at Counter Culture! woohoo! Counter Culture is a cool vegan restaurant on the east side and we’re all excited for Grant to serve us food 🙂 

Also- Grant is graduating from his electricians course on Friday, and he gets to make a speech, as he’s the valedictorian! GO GRANT! I’ll try and tape it so ya’ll can see it 🙂 

Also x2: I went on a huge shopping spree at Buffalo Exchange thanks to Dad (and Mom) and I’m very excited about that.

Also x3: uuuhhh….I forgot what I was going to say. Goodbye! 


One thought on “Springtime!

  1. What are those little yummies in the rice wrappers? Glad you had a great bday! Miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!

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