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Settling In

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Dearest readers (all five of you), my apologies for the lack of posts lately. I guess we’ve all finally settled into our routines here in Austin, and there simply hasn’t been that much of interest to share. Updates include Will finally landing a job, Grant is wrapping up his electricians course in 2 more weeks, John has a girlfriend, and I’ve started studying Spanish again using Duolingo.

Here’s a rabbit hole for you to go down, though: Grant and I have met some awesome people through my job (I work with Sarah and Theresa), and they’re really fun! They make movies and they’ve made some really cool stuff. The collective talent between these four is pretty crazy. If you want to be a creeper and virtually stalk them, as I do, then here’s an all access pass:





We’ve been spending some quality time with these folks lately, and they’ve definitely helped make Austin feel a little more like home for us. It’s always awesome to find people that you connect with so well.

A collection of random photos:

This is what our fridge always looks like when the four of us are at home.


Will made us a mini ping pong table!


Here’s Dulcinea creepin on the neighborhood cat that likes to sleep on our porch at night

ImageFlowers that Erica dropped off for me on Valentine’s Day 🙂


Stefen and Sarah at the Purple Fig office


X marks the spot…?


That’s all I got. Have a great week, everyone!


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