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Feliz (casi) Navidad!


Jason is here! We’ve had a fun week making lots of food and hanging out. I’ve been working a bunch, and unfortunately, Grant got super-duper sick all weekend, so has been laying really low. The boys left for Jersey, and Jason leaves tomorrow, so it’s just going to be me and Grant all by our lonesome tomorrow! 

Here are some shots from Enchanted Rock, last week’s installment of Wild Wednesday that I couldn’t attend 😦 



We had family Christmas dinner/gift exchange on Friday night before the boys flew out. I got a replacement succulent from John, and some bike lights from Will! Yay! Grant gave them both massage certificates, and I got them gift certificates to one of their favorite spots in Austin; Capital City Bakery for Will, and Austin Daily Press for John. Oh yeah, and I also got Will and gingerbread man with a Slayer shirt on 🙂 

ImageImageImagecrafting aftermath….ImageImage


So the most exciting news of the week? My blanket made it to Omaha! I sent it over 3 weeks ago, and was convinced that it was lost but it miraculously appeared two days ago. It’s a Christmas miracle!! Also, Jason and I have been binge watching Orange is the New Black, which is amazing. You should watch it, too. Merry Christmas everyone!! 


3 thoughts on “Feliz (casi) Navidad!

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  2. Love O is the new B

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