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Christmas n Stuff

Welp it turned out not to be so bad after all. I was expecting a sad and lonely Christmas this year, as it was the first time I hadn’t been home with my family, but after I got over the initial nostalgia of it all, I had a nice time. Video chatting definitely helps, too. We (Mom, Mami, Kaisei, Grant and I) got in our yearly reading of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” on Christmas Eve, and then had a great dinner with Erica and Grant. We watched Christmasy movies and just had a really nice time. Christmas morning I was able to chat with my brother who is currently out of the country, and my mom watched us open presents via video chat. Christmas night we were invited to a friends place for dinner, where we met some new people and played some gripping rounds of catch phrase- a great game! (We won 😛 ) 

Thanks to all for making us feel loved on this absentee Christmas! 

We’re now down in the Woodlands (near Houston) visiting Grant’s Aunt Emmy and Uncle Gary and their crazy dog, Auggie. Hot tubs and fires and good food and family. Yay! 


River walk at the Woodlands  




Feliz (casi) Navidad!

Jason is here! We’ve had a fun week making lots of food and hanging out. I’ve been working a bunch, and unfortunately, Grant got super-duper sick all weekend, so has been laying really low. The boys left for Jersey, and Jason leaves tomorrow, so it’s just going to be me and Grant all by our lonesome tomorrow! 

Here are some shots from Enchanted Rock, last week’s installment of Wild Wednesday that I couldn’t attend 😦 



We had family Christmas dinner/gift exchange on Friday night before the boys flew out. I got a replacement succulent from John, and some bike lights from Will! Yay! Grant gave them both massage certificates, and I got them gift certificates to one of their favorite spots in Austin; Capital City Bakery for Will, and Austin Daily Press for John. Oh yeah, and I also got Will and gingerbread man with a Slayer shirt on 🙂 

ImageImageImagecrafting aftermath….ImageImage


So the most exciting news of the week? My blanket made it to Omaha! I sent it over 3 weeks ago, and was convinced that it was lost but it miraculously appeared two days ago. It’s a Christmas miracle!! Also, Jason and I have been binge watching Orange is the New Black, which is amazing. You should watch it, too. Merry Christmas everyone!! 


♪ ♫ ♩ III’mmm dreeaamming of a broowwnn Christmaaaasss ♪ ♫ ♩

Today I learned that some kids in my friend’s classroom in Jersey know about my blog because they once looked up “Turkbrovsky”.  Shout out!! 

So Christmas in the south is going to be totally weird. The only reason I’ve been able to get into the spirit at all is because it’s been damn cold out, which I associate with Christmastime/winter. However, my grass is still green, there are still leaves on the trees, hell, my roses are still in bloom! However, I was forced to go to the thrift store and buy a winter coat for 12 bucks today. Work mornings were getting a little chilly. I think it was 29 degrees when I went to work this morning. Eek! 

Also- Christmas trees are impossibly expensive here. At least at all of the places I looked. All I wanted was a 4 footer for 20 bucks or so, but all I could find is a 2 footer for 25 bucks or a normal big-sized tree for ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY DOLLARS!! Insane-o. SO I did what any thrifty girl would do. I went in my back yard, cut a branch off the bush, stuck it in a pot, and adorned it with lights and ornaments. Ta-da! Free Christmas tree! 




Otherwise, work is awesome. It’s so great to get out of the house! Yay! Everyone there is really cool, and I love it! Here’s some pics from the past week or so: 

Grant and I went to the craft fair a few days ago, and I think this sign pretty much sums up my adult life: 



This is what happens when your roommate intentionally barricades his door when he goes on vacation: 




This is a really neat cooperative work space that we clean called Vuka. So much cool artsy stuff in there. Makes me want to join up and work from “home”. Way nicer pics on this site: ( 




Got this email from the vet this morning. Apparently today is Dulci’s 9th birthday!! Who knew? 🙂





Impromptu drying rack when it’s freezing rain outside. 




In summary: I’m feeling happy! Now to find Grant a job….

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I’m a Bad Plant Mom

So as everyone knows, it’s freezing down here in Austin. Actually, I think it’s freezing everywhere in the country right now! Rick Perry dramatically stated that we were in a state of disaster because of the freezing temps (20’s) and ice. (Northerners, try to contain yourselves). I didn’t think much of it until John was out on our porch this morning and yelled “Hey, we have an icicle!!” Of course we all ran out to see this little novelty, and then I saw them. My beautiful little succulents, frostbitten and destroyed. AH! I am the worst plant mom, ever. I completely forgot that those little buggers were out there and that they can’t cope with freezing temps. I immediately brought them inside, but I fear it’s too late. There might be a small bit of salvageable tissue on two of them, but I think my pretty hanging jade might be done for. I feel so guilty, it’s like I killed a kitten or something. Does anyone know what I can do?? Haaalp!


Grant and I braved the 20 something degrees yesterday morning and BIKED to the Cherrywood Craft Fair. There was a lot of really great, creative stuff, and I wish I had lots of money to buy a bunch of goodies! I did buy Grant an early Christmas present, though. Firefly!


Here are a few random pics of Sunday morning breakfast, and a couple from last week on South Congress:


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I Feel Useful as a Human Being Again

Hey all-
Just a really quick update to let you know the exciting news that I found a job! Yahoo! It’s a small local green cleaning company called The Purple Fig. The owner and staff (that I’ve met so far) are totally awesome, and I’m going to be helping with operations and lots of other fun business development-y stuff. Super excited! It all happened suddenly, and if I believed in fate, I would think this was it! It’s exactly the type of company I was jonesing to find down here. Anyway, I just finished my first day and then did work for Green Clean, then completed my ab challenge, so I’m thoroughly exhausted and more than ready to hit the hay. Night!